20 ways to IMPROVE your ELEGANCE


1. Work on your posture
2. Cut the swearing
3. Find your personal style
4. Have three guards before you speak; is this true? Is this nice? Is this necessary?
5. Have a selfcare moment once a week

6. Learn how to tie a tie
7. Sip your drinks
8. Learn to walk on heels
9. Make a list of 101 goals you want to achieve before you die
10. Apologize when you’re wrong, even if it’s hard

“Elegance is not catching somebody’s eye, it’s staying in somebody’s memory.”

11. Sometimes peace is better than being right
12. Always send a thankyou mail/card
13. Have a curriculum vitae, no matter how old you are.
14. Buy yourself fresh flowers
15. Read the newspaper at least once a week


16. Never check your phone during a conversation
17. Have a confidence playlist
18. Have a signature wine
19. Before you attend a party or a get together, prepare three topics you would like to talk about, based on the attending people.
20. Improve your reading, even if it is by one page a day

I wish you all the stars,