Men: the most complicated species

Why men are the most complicated human beings.

Dear men, I have this little question for you: why does everything have to be so complicated?

We always hear that females are ever complicated, have too many emotions and never just say what they want. Meanwhile, men tell us they don’t want a relationship but an hour later they text you “I wish you were here baby”. They say “I don’t want to be commiting to someone right now” but throw a bitchfit whenever you decide to meet another guy.

They say: women never tell you what they actually think. But you know, that is pretty obvious why. How would you feel if everytime you express your emotions, someone would tell you that you are over emotional. A crybaby. And the moment you tell someone what you think, you are an overthinker and you need to calm down. Every time you express romantic feelings, you get the answer; “Hey, you are really great and all but I am not looking for a relationship”. You really expect us to keep expressing all our feelings if you make us feel like they are unwanted? 

Every single one of my girlfriends have always had these struggles. I feel like women aren’t that complicated at all. We think everything through to the tiniest bit. We talk to our friends about our relationships and try to decide what we actually want. Guys, what are you so afraid of?

The confusing thing about men is the fact that they can give you ALL the hints, all the little messages or even just straight up say: “You are so cute” “I like you” “I like having you in my arms”. They brush your hair, they kiss your forehead, they mess up the pillows on your bed. And after, they decide to tell you: Yeah u make me laugh a little, but ya know I ain’t looking for commitment. AND THATS IT. 

Why can’t there be simple love. Just the pure simple love. The one where you get a crush, date a little, get into a relationship and then are just happy being around eachother. No complications, no trustissues, no friends with benefits, no throwing away your emotions.

Recently I’ve started to notice that I have my own pattern in love. I realised that because of the uncertainty of a guys emotions, I’ve started to build a ‘I don’t care’ wall. Or at least I am trying to. I hate the feeling of having more feelings for someone than they have for me. So, I try and stay emotionally uninvolved. But it is haaaard tho. One day I find myself listening to Lizzo and telling myself I don’t need no man. And the other day two hours have passed because I was fantasizing about this guy and how he would open up to me.

But maybe, maybe love just is not meant to be simple. Maybe the struggle is what makes the love more passionate, more true, more worth it. Lets just fucking hope so.